If The Ancient Mariner Were Around He Would Love This Business

replacement marine parts

The ancient mariner was always a diehard veteran in his day. But because of all his limitations, he would never have been able to get no more than halfway round the world as you can today. If Captain Ahab was anywhere half as decent as you are, he would also have made it around the world in next to no time in his well-calibrated schooner. Because like you, he would have been able to source his necessary replacement marine parts by now. And he would have chosen a different kind of seafaring business from which to earn his keep.

Moby Dick would be so proud of him. And you too. Today there is no longer a need to be stranded at the quayside for months on end. And isn’t it ironic how today’s shipping services are forced to operate these days. Because of all the obvious logistics, shipping will always be necessary, shipping as in the kind of business you are still trawling, after all these years. But in order for your necessary replacement marine parts to arrive on your boat in the quickest possible time, the parts have to be shipped, wait for it, by air.

What a strange world for the old sea salt to be living in these days. And stranger things are happening these days. Groundbreaking voyages are no longer being made by sea, from coast to cold and gritty coast. There is talk of visiting other planets. Whatever has become of the world. But never you mind that. There is work to be done. All hands are on deck. And keep on manning the poops so long. Because any day now, those new, not ancient, replacement marine parts will be arriving.