A Little Hail to Talk About

Balls of ice falling from the sky? It’s not a new sci-fi movie, but instead nothing more than the weather phenomenon known as hail. Lakewood residents know all too well how quickly it can start hailing in Colorado, as well as the trouble that it causes. Hail storms are a common occurrence in the state, especially during the spring and summer months.

The Size of the Matter

Why does hail leave so much devastation behind? Hail balls that fall from the sky measure in size from about 5 mm in diameter to about 300 mm in diameter. People compare them to everything from grass to golf balls and baseballs. The larger the hail ball, the more damage and destruction it causes. If that wasn’t shocking enough, hail can plummet from the sky at speeds as fast as 100 MPH! It weighs as much as 150 grams.

 If you’re outside during a hail storm, take cover so the hail doesn’t hit you! Although some of the hail will melt before it reaches ground, what does not melt is there to cause damage! Your personal belongings are not all that is at risk when it starts to hail. If these balls fall on your head, you might just find yourself visiting the nearest emergency room!

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Experts Can Repair Hail Damage

A few minutes of hail plummeting to the ground can leave massive damage to your car, roof, shed, and other structures. Likely, professional services will be necessary to remove the dents and dings that hail damage has left behind. The sooner you respond to hail damage repair lakewood co the less severe it is and therefore, the less expensive. Many professionals offer hail damage repair in the Lakewood area so don’t put off the repair to your car if it is damaged.