Signs it’s Time to Replace the Transmission

When the signs say that the transmission is damaged and in need of repair you cannot simply turn your head and ignore the issues. Transmission trouble doesn’t simply disappear or go away. In fact, it only gets worse the longer that it persists. Many signs suggest that it is time to take in your Ford vehicle for service. Pay attention to your vehicle -and these signs -and make sure to schedule service when it is needed.

Signs that it is time to replace the transmission in your Ford vehicle include:

·    Noises: When there is trouble with the transmission, whining or grinding noises oftentimes alert drivers to a problem. You might also hear the belts squealing. So, when strange noises are taking place, pay attention!

·    Leaking Fluid: If the transmission springs a leak, it is a sign that there is trouble that you cannot ignore. Make sure to take the vehicle in for service immediately if it is leaking, and avoid driving it as much as possible.

ford powerstroke transmission

·    Slipping Transmission: If the transmission is slipping, or if it feels like it drops when changing gears, you should call in a mechanic for service.

·    Warning Light: Look on the dashboard and if the transmission indicator light is on, immediately call a mechanic to schedule service. This warning light comes on to alert you of trouble and it doesn’t tell a lie!

When it’s time to replace the transmission, remember how important this component is and that you should choose a quality product. Although it might cost a bit more initially, a better product pays for itself in no time. For many drivers, it is the ford powerstroke transmission that they prefer over the rest. Check it out and it could prove to be worthy of your time and purchase, too.